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Time spent with kids is never wasted. There are several ways in which the whole family can spend time together with the kids and enjoy fun activities inside or outside the house. And even though sometimes creativity might be the key, the most important thing is the time spent together.


The most obvious fun involves the kids’ letting go of their extra energy, and the adults’ losing the little they’ve got! Laughter is guaranteed as long as the game’s importance revolves around having fun – not winning. Not keeping score is an amazing way to have fun and just play for the sake of playing. Kicking the ball to one another and volleyball are easy to understand but enjoyable nonetheless. Basic formula: Ball + park + parents + kids = great family fun.

Board Games

Another classic method is of course board games. Perfect for the colder seasons, but not just, consider a board game an investment. Ever popular Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and BattleShip ensure hours of family fun and having remained popular for so many years, promise to remain so for many more to come. Generation borders dissolve when in front of a board game as kids as well as adults enjoy the tame competition. As an added bonus, board games such as Scrabble also help in the development of vocabulary if one introduces a children’s dictionary.


Teaching kids how to cook is more entertaining than one might guess. Little tasks such as washing vegetables, beating eggs or gently mix the soup will keep the little ones busy as well as free your own hands to do other food preparations. Tasks will obviously depend on the kids’ age and should never involve sharp knives or dangerous objects. Moreover constant supervision is a must. And if the kids are not interested in helping you cook your minestrone, why not encourage them to contribute to the baking of a cake later? There’s nothing kids won’t love about sifting the flour, beating the eggs or preparing colorful icing for that matter. And the end result will be worth all the mess. Promise.

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